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Our mission is to Commit to today’s industries in shaping tomorrow’s world.

Future Bridge, a dynamic and rapidly expanding organization, is on a continuous journey of growth and expansion across projects worldwide. Our attendees consistently express their excitement about the exceptional networking opportunities and the thought-provoking discussions led by renowned speakers at our events. 

At the core of Future Bridge is an unwavering commitment to understanding and addressing the unique needs of businesses. 

Our industry-specific teams cultivate strong relationships with our clients, gaining profound insights into the strategic challenges they encounter. We base our offerings on extensive research, resulting in the delivery of precise and meticulously crafted information and event agendas. Our lineup of speakers represents a diverse and accomplished group of seasoned executives who have achieved remarkable success in their respective industries. Each speaker has been carefully selected to ensure that they can provide our conference attendees with a wealth of invaluable insights on pertinent subjects, making our events both informative and strategically insightful.


In support of the mission, Future Bridge focuses on sustainability-oriented innovation, lowering emissions without compromising efficiency, aid with energy transition initiatives, embrace the digital era and develop a green value chain. Future Bridge not only concentrates on technology driven topics and sustainability, but also facilitates increased efficiency in all the processes of conventional industry and practice. We work with all key industries which fuel the global economy such as Energy, Manufacturing, Automotive, Airspace and Maritime, Financial Services, Pharma, Food and Agriculture, and others. We contribute and encourage industry transition by bringing Humanity, Ingenuity, and Simplicity. Furthermore, we are fueled by young minds committed to the growth of the industries’ equity and opportunity.


Access Industry Knowledge
Spark Creativity and Innovation
Connect with Potential Clients
Network and Build Strong Business Relationships
Participate in a Leading-Edge Commercial Technology Exhibition


Berlin, Germany


29 February – 1st of March, 2024

The event focuses on integrating renewable energy solutions into corporate strategies. It offers an in-depth examination of Corporate Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) as a tool for stabilizing energy costs and reducing price volatility.

Barcelona, Spain


14-15 of March, 2024

This conference will examine all aspects of the maritime energy transition and how this is impacting ports and harbours and how these in turn are responding.

Toronto, Canada


10-11 April, 2024

This two-day networking event is set to gather senior stakeholders and decision-makers from the mining sector. As the industry propels towards digitization and automation, this conference provides an exclusive platform for knowledge sharing, collaboration, and

Berlin, Germany


18-19 of April, 2024

This two-day event will feature in-depth case studies of supply chain transformation and carbon accounting and reporting, and provide maximum networking opportunities to exchange insights and expertise on tackling Scope 3 emissions.

Berlin, Germany


18-19 April, 2024

The conference will cover opportunities to discuss cost-modelling for the construction and operations of gigafactories, global gigafactory expan- sion and retrofitting, designs of high-efficiency HVAC systems and energy efficient dry rooms.

Dallas TX, USA


16-17 of May,2024

Unlock the future of sustainable IT at the “Energy Efficiency for Data Centers” conference on May 16-17, 2024, in Dallas, TX, USA. Join industry leaders in addressing the pressing need for reduced energy consumption, operational efficiencies, and carbon footprint in data centers. Explore solutions, collaborate, and be a catalyst for change in the dynamic landscape of IT sustainability.

Barcelona, Spain


11-12th of June, 2024

Data Centre Advancements in Design, Engineering & Construction, a dynamic two-day summit crafted to unite designers, engineers, constructors, decision-makers, experts, and implementers in the pursuit of intelligent decisions for data centre growth.



The landscape of power markets is undergoing rapid transformation driven by the accelerating energy transition. The rise of renewable energy, decentralization of resources, electrification of transport, and increasing involvement of prosumers is leading to greater uncertainty and volatility in electricity pricing. In this complex, evolving environment, the ability to accurately forecast power prices is becoming critical for stakeholders across the energy value chain. It is against this backdrop that the 4th Power Price Forecasting Summit 2024 by Future Bridge was held in Amsterdam from January 25-26. It brought together leading experts from around the world. This is to discuss the latest developments and innovations in this crucial field.
Electricity markets worldwide are transforming. It is driven by the accelerating adoption of renewable energy, decentralization of power generation, electrification across sectors, and other structural changes. This new era of complexity and uncertainty has led to heightened volatility and unpredictability in electricity prices. In response, leading practitioners are advancing forecasting techniques. It helps to enable market participants to better navigate risks and optimize operational and investment decisions.  In the upcoming 4th edition of the 2024 Power Price Forecasting Summit, this 25-26 January in Amsterdam, experts across the industry will convene. They will discuss the latest innovations and best practices for building robust, accurate forecasting models suited to today's challenges.
The energy industry is undergoing a profound transformation. It poses new complexities for power market participants. So, the accelerating transition to renewable energy sources has introduced significant variability and uncertainty into power systems. This volatility, combined with factors like evolving market design and economic shifts, has made accurate price forecasting more crucial than ever.  Power companies are increasingly looking for advanced analytical techniques. It includes AI and machine learning in power price forecasting. These technologies can also uncover hidden insights, rapidly process vast amounts of data, and continually enhance performance over time. As AI and machine learning become more ubiquitous across industries, they are poised to transform power price forecasting. So, in this article let us look at their role in-depth.




What People say about us

I did enjoy the Product Substance Regulatory Compliance Virtual Conference. 
E-gift card was a very ingenious way to get your conference attendees to think like we were socializing at an in-person event.

Johnson & Johnson
Product Stewardship Engineer

“It was really good to see that, even online, the organizers were able to facilitate the interaction between the participants, so I almost felt like we are there, we are all together there…”

Owner and Customer Happiness Manager

“The conference was very well organized. The hybrid event worked nicely, even though it is a challenge to organise a hybrid event in this kind of situation. The presentations and materials at the conference were of good quality, and they attracted quite a lot of discussion and questions. The sponsors also had interesting and fruitful information and service possibilities. I recommend taking part in Future-Bridge’s upcoming events, which are suitable for the participants.”

Helen Electricity Network Ltd
Leading Expert


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