Pre-conference podcast with Mika Loukkalahti, Leading Expert at Helen Electricity Network.

One of the speakers from the Global Power Outage & Safety Process Management Conference joined this episode of the pre-conference podcast. In this podcast, Mr. Mika Loukkalahti agreed to make a short podcast with Future Bridge, where he revealed a little about Helen Electricity Network’s presentation at the conference. Helen Electricity network is part of Helen Ltd, responsible for electro distribution in Helsinki. Given how effective the company has been at ensuring the reliability of energy supply, their showcase will be insightful for companies working in the power distribution sector.

Mr. Mika Loukkalahti decided to emphasize one of Helen Electricity Network’s critical success factors – automation as a tool towards an excellent reliability level. This presentation will focus on distribution network structure as a base element supported by effective maintenance and substation and secondary substation automation as other elements for reliability improvement. Finally, the alarming earth fault protection system and Automated Meter Reading system have a high potential to significantly advance MV outage management and LV networks, respectively.

According to Mr. Loukkalahti, the conference topics will be helpful for all kinds of utilities that want to improve their outages level and safety management, mainly but not exclusively DSOs. The insights shared at the conference will be helpful for operations, maintenance, and planning departments and, overall, those working on lowering the impact of outages.

In the final part of the podcast, Mika talked about how the new demand for electric vehicles and renewable energy sources presents a challenge for distribution system operators. It is crucial to build reliable and efficient distribution networks to meet this challenge and the requirements of the industry 4.0 transition.

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