Recap and Insights From The 4th Power Price Forecasting Summit 2024

The landscape of power markets is undergoing rapid transformation driven by the accelerating energy transition. The rise of renewable energy, decentralization of resources, electrification of transport, and increasing involvement of prosumers is leading to greater uncertainty and volatility in electricity pricing. In this complex, evolving environment, the ability to accurately forecast power prices is becoming critical for stakeholders across the energy value chain. It is against this backdrop that the 4th Power Price Forecasting Summit 2024 by Future Bridge was held in Amsterdam on January 25-26. It brought together leading experts from around the world. This is to discuss the latest developments and innovations in this crucial field.

Over the two days, attendees had the opportunity to learn from specialists in forecast modeling, analytics, artificial intelligence, and uncertainty quantification. Through presentations, workshops, panels, and networking sessions, participants exchanged ideas and insights on leveraging data, new methodologies, and smart algorithms. This is to enhance forecasting capabilities. Let us see more about the power price forecasting event ahead, in this article.

4th Power Price Forecasting Summit 2024: About the Event

The 4th Power Price Forecasting Summit 2024 by Future Bridge featured several insightful presentations from representing diverse organizations across the power sector. So, let us look deeper:

Eleni Kouniaki – Head of Energy Market Analysis Unit, PPC

Eleni Kouniaki, Head of the Energy Market Analysis Unit at PPC, delivered a presentation on the Power Outlook for European Markets in 2024. She provided forecasts and insights into supply, demand, and price trends across key European power markets for the upcoming year. Moreover, details included projections for fuel prices, carbon costs, and electricity demand growth considering economic factors. It also included changes in renewable capacity additions, conventional plant retirements, and the impacts of geopolitics on energy flows. Furthermore, she analyzed how these factors are expected to influence wholesale spot and future contract prices across Europe.

Pietro Rabassi – Executive Vice President, Nord Pool

Pietro Rabassi, Executive Vice President at Nord Pool, spoke about Electricity Market Design reforms needed by 2030. He discussed recent shocks to the industry from events like the pandemic and the Ukraine war. Furthermore, Pietro covered key trends driving the need for market redesign. It includes the growth of variable renewables, decentralization, and sector coupling. So, he provided details on the proposed market reforms in areas. It includes more granular pricing, flexibility incentives, cross-border cooperation, and the expected timelines.

Leon Droenner – Data Scientist, 4CastSilver Sponsor

Leon Droenner, Data Scientist at 4Cast, presented on Foresight Power Trading. He demonstrated 4Cast’s advanced analytics capabilities. This is for power price forecasting, scenario analysis, and optimization to support data-driven trading strategies. Moreover, the speaker covered how techniques like machine learning, statistics, and optimization are combined with market expertise. He also explained 4Cast’s unique collaborative forecasting approach.

Matej Pirnat – Co-Owner/Chief of Development, BISOL Energija

Matej Pirnat, Co-Owner and Chief of Development at BISOL Energija spoke about Negative Electricity Price Forecasting for Solar Portfolios. He discussed implementing solar plant remote control systems to respond to negative prices. Furthermore, the speaker covered solar power forecasting techniques employed. It includes for self-supply customers. He also explained the development of solar merit order stacks for trading portfolio optimization.

Despina YiaKoumi – Energy Analytics Manager, Low Carbon Contracts Company

Despina YiaKoumi, Energy Analytics Manager at the Low Carbon Contracts Company, presented on Forecasting UK Decarbonization Policies in Volatile Markets. She provided an overview of the Contracts for Difference scheme. She also provided its role in UK power sector decarbonization. The speaker explained forecasting methodologies for assessing CfD impacts under different scenarios. She also discussed how power price forecasts influence long-term CfD budget projections.

Bima Malabonga – Senior Quantitative Analyst, KYOS – Bronze Sponsor
Bima Malabonga, Senior Quantitative Analyst at KYOS, delivered a sponsored presentation.
Jussi Mäkelä – Head of Trading Analysis, Fortum

Jussi Mäkelä, Head of Trading Analysis at Fortum, covered Fundamental Modelling for PPA Pricing. He discussed the required prerequisites. It includes market/policy/fuel price assumptions and challenges like limited forward liquidity. Moreover, Jussi explained Fortum’s modeling approach. This combines fundamental drivers, statistical techniques, and machine learning. He also covered key use cases like estimating cannibalization impacts and steerability value.

Amanda Niklaus – Head of Renewables PPA Origination, BKW

Amanda Niklaus, Head of Renewables PPA Origination at BKW, spoke about the Commercial Aspects of PPAs in Europe. She reviewed different PPA structures, risk allocation, and current contract trends. Niklaus also discussed negotiation challenges around flexibility, corporate buyer demand cycles, and cannibalization. Furthermore, she provided case studies on BKW’s PPA experience for sourcing and selling renewable energy. 

Michael Parmar – Senior Quantitative Analyst, SafeEarthSolutions – Silver Sponsor

Michael Parmar, Senior Quantitative Analyst at SafeEarthSolutions, discussed, “Is Current Power Price Forecasting Fit for Next Generation Power Markets?”. He argued profound supply and demand changes require rethinking modeling approaches. Moreover, the speaker suggested different criteria. It includes greater transparency, probabilistic forecasts, peer review, and open-data access to drive improvements. He also emphasized the continued importance of human expertise over “black box” AI.

Panel Discussion – Dealing with Uncertainty

The panel on Dealing with Uncertainty discussed key uncertainties facing future power markets. Furthermore, experts from Elia, Nord Pool, and TenneT exchanged perspectives. These were uncertainties related to regulations, technology adoption, climate change, gas prices, and grid expansions. So, they provided insights into incorporating these complex uncertainties into modeling. It came along with strategies like sensitivity analysis and stochastic modeling.

Miguel Pinhão & Ricardo Covas – EDP

Miguel Pinhão, Portfolio Management Lead, and Ricardo Covas, Head of Advanced Analytics at EDP, presented a sponsored session on EDP’s advanced analytics capabilities. They explained EDP’s in-house forecasting platform combining statistical, ML, and optimization techniques. This is for both price projection and asset optimization. Moreover, the use cases covered included predictive maintenance, renewable forecasting, and hydrogen production cost modeling.

Alex Halsema – Teamlead Asset Optimization, PZEM

Alex Halsema, Team Lead for Asset Optimization at PZEM, delivered a case study on Renewable Generation Impacts on Dutch Spot Prices. He analyzed decarbonization scenarios for the Netherlands and associated market dynamics. Furthermore, Alex examined challenges around renewable intermittency, grid congestion, and cannibalization. He also covered forecasting and optimization implications for market participants.

Dexter Energy – Silver Sponsor Presentation

Experts from Dexter Energy, a Bronze Sponsor, presented their renewable energy forecasting and trade optimization platform. 

Anders Bilde – Senior Portfolio Manager, Centrica Energy Trading

Anders Bilde, Senior Portfolio Manager at Centrica Energy Trading, spoke about Using Short-term Forecasts to Optimize Power-to-X Systems. He discussed employing price, demand, and renewable forecasts to inform electrolyzer scheduling. Furthermore, the speaker explained challenges around uncertainty, data sufficiency, and model integration. He also shared case studies demonstrating financial and emissions benefits from optimization.

Ana García – Global Power Markets Manager, Sonnedix

Ana García, Global Power Markets Manager at Sonnedix, covered the complexities of Forecasting Storage Revenues. She provided an overview of evolving electricity market designs. She also provided an overview of regulations related to energy storage.  The speaker then examined modeling challenges for stand-alone versus co-located storage. It accounts for cannibalization impacts. Moreover, she concluded with an outlook on future storage growth across global markets.

Pierre Lebon – Director of Analytics, EMEA, – Bronze Sponsor

Pierre Lebon, Director of Analytics at, presented on Analytic Innovations for the Energy Transition. He demonstrated cQuant’s power price forecasting platform leveraging techniques. It includes RNNs, Monte Carlo simulation, and reinforcement learning. Furthermore, Pierre highlighted the importance of transparency and auditability. He also covered benchmarking processes and ensemble modeling capabilities.

Volue – Bronze Sponsor Presentation 

Experts from Volue, a Bronze Sponsor, showcased their electricity market simulation platform supporting power price forecasting. 

Štěpán Šubík – Desk Analyst and Meteorologist, ČEZ

Štěpán Šubík, Desk Analyst and Meteorologist at ČEZ, presented on Long-term Forecasting Trends and Challenges. He discussed ambitious clean energy targets in Europe and difficulties reaching them. Moreover, the speaker covered impacts like renewable cannibalization and greater needs for balancing services. He also examined trends in long-term forecasting. It includes incorporating higher shares of variable generation and storage.

Rafael Feito Kiczak – Manager Scenarios, Markets & Adequacy Studies, Elia

Rafael Feito Kiczak, Manager of Scenarios, Markets & Adequacy Studies at Elia, provided Insights on Long Term Electricity Mix and Prices. Drawing on recent Elia studies, he analyzed the expected evolution of prices, volatility, and electricity mix. Moreover, the speaker discussed links between gas prices and electricity prices. Moreover, he discussed the impacts of the changing mix on prices. He also covered trends in low/high price occurrences and price volatility going forward.

4th Power Price Forecasting Summit 2024: Who Were The Sponsors?

The sponsors provided critical support to make the 4th Power Price Forecasting Summit by Future Bridge possible. Their contributions as silver, bronze, and networking sponsors enabled the organizing team to deliver this impactful event bringing together experts across the industry. So, let’s take a look at the ones who contributed:

4cast – Silver Sponsor

4cast is a German company focused on renewable energy forecasting and analytics. Founded in 2016, 4cast leverages expertise in meteorology, mathematics, machine learning, and high-performance computing. This is to provide accurate forecasts for renewable assets. Moreover, as part of the EU MAELSTROM project, 4cast conducts research on innovations. It includes generating weather data from social media. The team combines scientific rigor with practical industry experience in areas like wind farm development. 4cast also employs collaborative forecasting, engaging with customers to improve insights. As a result, their offerings help renewable companies optimize operations.

Dexter Energy – Silver Sponsor

Dexter Energy, based in the Netherlands, delivers AI-powered software for renewable forecasting, trade optimization, and asset optimization. Their machine-learning models can reduce balancing costs for traders by up to 35%. Furthermore, Dexter serves major renewable energy companies across Europe. It includes Axpo, Greenchoice, and EDF. Furthermore, their technology provides granular forecasts for wind, solar, and storage assets to support scheduling, dispatch, and trading. Dexter also offers advanced analytics for maintenance optimization. 

SafeEarthSolutions – Silver Sponsor 

SafeEarthSolutions is an international consulting network focused on accelerating the energy transition. Their members include experts across power markets, investments, fuels, and policy. In power markets, SafeEarthSolutions focuses on the next generation of tools, methodologies, and power price forecasting. This is to analyze future system evolution. Moreover, they collaborate with specialists across science and engineering. It is to provide deep insights into the future power system landscape.

KYOS Energy Analytics – Bronze Sponsor

KYOS Energy Analytics, based in Switzerland, provides software and advisory services for energy companies. Their analytical platform offers capabilities for valuation, risk management, optimization, and reporting across power and gas portfolios. Moreover, KYOS serves over 70 customers worldwide, including utilities, traders, and developers. Their in-house power market modeling incorporates advanced techniques like Monte Carlo simulation for price and production forecasting. Additionally, KYOS aims to equip energy companies with analytics incorporating best practices in finance.

Volue Insight – Bronze Sponsor

Volue Insight, headquartered in Norway, supplies data, forecasting, and analysis on European and Japanese power markets. Their services include price, demand, and generation forecasts from intraday to long-term. Furthermore, Volue’s fundamental modeling capabilities provide actionable insights to clients. This is through online platforms, Python, and Excel. Additionally, the company has built expertise on the impacts of renewable growth across power markets. As a result, their offerings help clients make strategic decisions. – Bronze Sponsor was founded in 2016 and is based in Switzerland. It delivers analytics solutions for commodity and energy companies. Their specialized offerings include risk management, portfolio optimization, and forecasting through a SaaS platform. Furthermore, cQuant serves clients across retail and wholesale energy. Their team combines deep quantitative expertise with industry experience. Additionally, cQuant focuses on integrating advanced analytics. It includes machine learning with an understanding of energy market intricacies.

Pexapark – Cocktail Networking Sponsor 

Pexapark, headquartered in Switzerland, is a software and advisory company specializing in renewable energy. They have supported over 30 GW of renewable PPAs globally. Pexapark provides PPA price benchmarks across 19 markets, enabling better contracting. Moreover, their software and advisory services assist corporations and energy companies. This is in executing renewable energy transactions. So, by making renewable markets more transparent, Pexapark aims to accelerate decarbonization.

Events like the 4th Power Price Forecasting Summit offer invaluable opportunities for experts across the industry. This is to exchange ideas, best practices, and innovations to advance this essential field. For professionals interested in attending other insightful conferences around renewable energy, sustainability, and the energy transition, you can look at the upcoming events and register at,, or