The New European Commission Regulation on Agricultural & Forestry Vehicles

The new European Commission Regulation on Stage V is the most comprehensive revision of the non-road mobile machinery (NRMM) regulations since Stage IIIB. The new Regulation 2018/985 on NRMM is a major step forward in protecting the health of European citizens and the environment, and in ensuring a level playing field for manufacturers.

With the new emission standards, we aim at ensuring the good functioning of the internal market for NRMM engines, avoiding market distortions and market fragmentation in the EU. The new Regulation will ensure a level playing field in global markets for NRMM engines.

The main objectives of the Regulation are:

  • To reduce greenhouse gases and air pollutants emitted by a range of NRMM engines, such as those used in construction and agriculture, as well as railway locomotives, inland waterway vessels, and commercial vehicles
  • To ensure that NRMM engines placed on the market in the EU are type-approved in accordance with the new emission limits introduced by the Regulation. This will ensure a high level of environmental protection while avoiding market fragmentation and ensuring a level playing field for all manufacturers on global markets.
  • The new Regulation also provides for minimum requirements for measuring fuel consumption and CO2 emissions from NRMM engines. These will allow for a more accurate assessment of the actual fuel consumption of NRMM engines under real operating conditions.

The new regulation on emissions from NRMM sets out new, tighter emission limits for engines within the scope of the Directive 97/68/EC with effect from 1 January 2019. Existing engines that are already placed on the market before 1 January 2019 will have until 31 December 2022 to comply with these stricter emission limits.

With this entry into force, all engine manufacturers will have to comply with the new limits for all EU Member States. These new regulations will support an EU economy based on innovation and sustainable development.

The 2nd edition of the Green Non-Road Mobile Machinery Forum is a must-attend for your organization to hear more about the latest European Regulation on Stage V. This event with its network of high-level experts, provides an excellent platform to discuss ongoing developments in the regulation and to make direct contacts with its key stakeholders. More info:

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