Future Bridge Materials Management Series Presents ‘4th Product Chemicals Compliance & Sustainability Summit,’ in Collaboration with REGARTIS

The Materials Management Series, which features a variety of exceptional presenters each year, is a cornerstone of Future Bridge events. Past conferences in the series have attracted large crowds, and the fourth installment, scheduled for this fall, is expected to be no exception. The last conference of the series, ‘3rd Product Substance Management & Regulatory Compliance‘, was a well-received event, attended by VPs, managers, heads, and directors from multiple industries. The two-day hybrid conference offered an unparalleled platform for industry-to-industry exchange, case study analysis, and networking.

This year, the series is back with the much anticipated ‘4th Product Chemicals Compliance & Sustainability Summit.’ The two-stream event will take place in Prague, Czech Republic on the 29-30th of September. The summit will offer a new venue for company leaders to discuss the ever-changing sustainability targets and regulatory frameworks. The fourth conference in the Materials Management Series aims to bring together representatives from numerous organizations across the EU to discuss new ways of enhancing company-wide environmental efforts and staying on top of all forthcoming regulations.

We are pleased to announce that this year’s event is being organized in collaboration with the company REGARTIS. Our partnership is significant in scope, impact, and breadth; REGARTIS is a recognized leader in offering compliance with national and European legislation for business. We are here to clear a path through the thicket of environmental regulations and make compliance a lot easier!

About the Event

The summit welcomes discrete manufacturers of various scales of complexity that are directly affected by environmental regulatory changes. The attending industries include the producers of Electronics, Med-devices, Aerospace & Defence, Heavy Machinery, Automatics, Chemicals, Plastics, Textile, Personal Care, etc. The conference organizers have made provisions to accommodate all attendees. Therefore, the event will be divided into two streams, addressing issues relevant to all the delegates. Though, some key activities – round tables and networking breaks – will overlap. The summit is expected to offer an ultimate industry-to-industry networking experience, bringing together some of the most influential minds in the manufacturing markets to share thoughts and ideas.

A diverse list of conference topics covers everything from new regulations to the importance of compliance, allowing companies to learn how to stay afloat while remaining profitable.  The delegates will learn how to reduce the company’s environmental impact by using waste and by-products as a resource. The keynote speakers will break down the Sustainable Product Initiative and help businesses set achievable sustainability targets. ‘4th Product Chemicals Compliance & Sustainability Summit’ will also cover regulatory updates and address the chemical strategy for sustainability.

Future Bridge has brought together leading experts, ready to share their ‘pieces of the puzzle’ regarding packaging requirements, ecodesign amendments, Digital Product Passport, ESG management, automating chemical compliance, and more. First and foremost, the top innovators from different industries will help you design and implement a sustainability strategy that is sure to hit all the targets across supply chains. The agenda is designed to help you harness the power of change and take full advantage of tomorrow’s opportunities.

Summit Breakdown

The two-stream summit will feature masterclasses, keynote speeches, business card exchanges, case studies, panel and round-table discussions, coffee and lunch breaks, as well as a networking dinner. Day One will begin with the discussions on regulatory news, product footprint management, and automating chemical compliance. After the first business card exchange, the summit will be divided into two streams: industry-to-industry experience sharing and the in-depth breakdown of the EU regulatory landscape. Following lunch, the summit will once again be split into two streams, with the overarching theme of sustainability being the central market driver. After a coffee break, attendees will be treated to an insightful panel discussion on sustainability, explore the regulatory landscape beyond the EU, and conclude their evening with a lively networking buffet.

The second day will feature insightful speeches on chemical compliance, lifecycle management, and Sustainable Product initiative. Attendees will participate in three engaging rounds of intergroup discussions, followed by a plenary on the most compelling points from each round. The interactive nature of this format will help participants explore product compliance, life cycle assessment, circular economy, sustainability strategies, REACH regulations, and other key topics. Round-table discussions offer a variety of perspectives, allowing delegates to gain a more thorough understanding of the topic at hand. If you are searching for ways to expand your knowledge and deepen your understanding of regulatory compliance in a way that is both engaging and effective, look no further! The ‘4th Product Chemicals Compliance & Sustainability Summit’ is one industry-to-industry event you can’t miss.

Get the inside scoop on ‘4th Product Chemicals Compliance & Sustainability Summit’ by requesting a copy of our official conference brochure.

Partners and Sponsors

The ‘4th Product Chemicals Compliance & Sustainability Summit’ is an exclusive, invite-only event designed to foster authentic business relationships between top company executives. The summit’s lineup of speakers will offer a wealth of knowledge and insight, making it an unparalleled opportunity to network with influential and forward-thinking professionals and take your business to the next level. The previous conferences in the Materials Management Series were sponsored by some of the world’s leading companies with an impeccable reputation, including Compliance & Risks, Yordas Group, NovaLoop GmbH, Chemical Watch, Enhesa, iPoint, and more.

Notably, Future Bridge’s conferences have a reputation for quality, as evidenced by numerous testimonials from previous sponsors. For instance, NovaLoop, the ‘3rd Product Substance Management & Regulatory Compliance Summit’ Exhibiting Partner, appreciated the event’s interactive nature and the opportunities it offered to connect with other attendees. Katrin Schneikert, Regulatory Performance & Performace Sustainability Specialist at Novaloop, said, ‘It was really good to see that, even online, the organizers were able to facilitate the interaction between the participants, so I almost felt like we are there, we are all together there.’ For more sponsor testimonials, please read the dedicated blog post.

Each year, our events offer a perfect venue for partners to shine and clients to learn. We are proud to announce the return of our previous sponsors — REGARTIS and ChemSafe — to support the upcoming Future Bridge conference.

REGARTIS, the summit’s title sponsor, is a premier brand created by merging the regulatory teams of ReachSpektrum and EcoMole with the support of the Association of Chemical Industry of the Czech Republic. They are experts in chemical and follow-up regulatory affairs. REGARTIS specializes in REACH, CLP, biocides, RoHS, conflict minerals, and more. The company also offers special training for staff members and teaches students. REGARTIS develops IT tools for chemicals management and works on international projects for EU agencies and authorities.

ChemSafe, a leading Regulatory Affairs company, is the returning Bronze Sponsor of the Materials Management Series. The company started its activity in August 2001 and was founded by Dr. Antonio Conto after 13 years of experience at an Italian CRO. Chemsafe is now a growing business working in many fields of regulatory activities. Notably, the company acquired more than 400 customers over the years. From a single-man company to having 27 employees in 2021, Chemsafe can be considered one of the most consolidated Regulatory Affairs Companies in Italy and at a wider European level. The regulatory work is managed by four Business Units (Chemicals, Pharma, Food, and Medical Devices), each containing highly experienced regulatory affairs managers and senior scientists.

We value our long-standing relationships with REGARTIS and ChemSafe; Future Bridge is fully committed to providing the best possible return on sponsorship investment.

Interested in Sponsoring?

If you are interested in reaching a group of leading industry professionals, consider sponsoring one of the most insightful events of this year. ‘The 4th Product Chemicals Compliance & Sustainability Summit’ is the largest annual gathering of leading manufacturing companies, offering you direct access to key decision-makers within your target markets. Looking for a way to get involved? Our sponsorship packages have been designed to maximize your exposure and visibility while building long-lasting relationships with other organizations.

Sponsor levels range from Platinum to Bronze, with each level tailored to the requirements of a particular business. You can also apply to be an Exhibiting Partner if you wish to showcase your product as a part of the exhibition stand, along with enjoying other amazing benefits. If interested, you can apply to be a Presenting Partner and take advantage of additional exposure opportunities. Finally, you can become the focus of the networking sessions with the Cocktail Networking Sponsor package.

For more information regarding the sponsorship packages, please review the dedicated blog post or contact Oybek Hayot at oybek@future-bridge.eu.

Don’t Forget to Register

As we get closer to the date, we will announce more speakers and partners. Please visit www.materialscompliance.eu to register and stay abreast of new developments in the ‘4th Product Chemicals Compliance & Sustainability Summit’ program.