Pre-conference podcast with Mr. Gordon Fairley, the Sales and Business Development Leader at Depsys

As the Global Power Outage & Safety Process Management Conference approaches, we have had the pleasure to have a short pre-conference podcast with one of our speakers – Mr. Gordon Fairley, the Sales and Business Development Leader at Depsys.

At the conference, Depsys will give a presentation on rapid grid fault identification and localization through to the fault prediction and holistic fault avoidance.

In the podcast, Mr. Gordon Fairley emphasizes the need for more resilient grid networks in the context of electrification and the increasing digitalization of contemporary societies. The already high demand for power supply is estimated to double by the year 2050, putting a lot of pressure on the grid networks. It is, therefore, critical for DSOs to develop functional and outage management systems, as avoiding fault is something that the DSOs can benefit from significantly, both in terms of cost-efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Another message that Depsys put forward is that now more than ever, a holistic approach to digital solutions for grid management is desirable. The reasons for it include the aging of grid assets, more extensive application of MV and LV grids, and the attachment of renewable energy flows.

In 2012 Depsys undertook the task of supporting DSOs in transition toward more sustainable energy management and next-generation electric grid by creating possibilities for the digitalization of power networks. Depsy’s GridEye technology algorithms collect coordinated data in real-time to establish highly efficient monitoring, measuring, and operation of whole power distribution networks.

Podcast episode on YouTube

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