“We give DSOs the power to act!” – Henrik Weinberg, the Chief Operating Officer of dLab

Future Bridge held a pre-event podcast with the COO of dLab – Henrik Weinberg, MCs, in anticipation of the conference. We wanted to get an insight into the presentation “A Single Source of Truth for Substation Analytics Gives DSOs Power to Act,” which Mr. Winberg will give at the Global Power Outage & Safety Process Management Conference in April.

dLab started as a research project to find ways to provide better insight into the power grid. Today they are a leading solution provider to Distribution System Operators, offering an intelligent IT platform – dInsight. It applies AI technology to provide detailed outages analytics, enable advanced network monitoring, and facilitate data-driven technology-assisted competent decision making. The critical focus of dLab is on supporting DSOs in the transition towards industry 4.0 and the digitalization of power networks.

In Henrik Weinberg’s experience, people often view the energy transition as synonymous with the growth of renewable energy sources or the electrification of transportation infrastructure; however, the energy transition goes beyond that.  The core of the change is the general growing dependency on energy inherent to today’s societies. DLab points out that the grid is the medium that will have to connect more significant numbers of increasingly digitalized units. This puts pressure on DSOs to build resilient, functional, and smart grid systems, facilitate supply reliability, and avoid power outages.

Mr. Henrik Weinberg recognizes that both outage management and digitalization of the energy sector, in general, are complex strategies that cannot be resolved in one day with one decision. Instead, dLab recommends making small steps, building confidence and trust in the company’s data-driven decision-making, and being responsive and supportive of new initiatives.

At the conference, dLab will give a presentation with three key messages:

  1. The data about the grid and substations must always be of higher quality today than it was yesterday
  2. The occurring changes are revolutionary and to adapt to them means having to abandon or challenge some legacy knowledge, truths, and approaches of the industry
  3. It is necessary to support initiatives, which should not be limited to those within DSOs, but also from general perspectives such as political initiatives, regulation models, and so on.

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